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Blog 1 3/27/23

funny cat

Welp its the first blog post so not sure what I'm going to put here. Life has been going pretty good for me lately can't really complain. I've been having a lot of fun. Fucked up really bad recently, super dissapointed in myself and I feel really bad about it but I'm working on improving myself and I really think that I'm going to make up for it and be better. Feeling pretty bad but that's a normal feeling given the circumstances, going to use that feeling and turn myself into a better person. Not sure what else to put here so I'm just going to vomit out some languages I'm proficent in or at least have some background in.

  • C
  • C++
  • Bash
  • JavaScript/Node.JS
  • Ruby (ruby is super underrated)
  • Java
  • Lua (lua doesn't get enought love, why I learned lua)
  • LISP/Racket
  • PowerShell
  • Prolog
  • Python (I'm not that good w python tbh, I refuse to use/learn it and only use it for pwntools and maybe for a single RPi PoC. Anything I can do in Python I can write faster in JS and execute faster in JS)
  • C# (still a little pissbaby but learning C#, first project was writing a multithreaded version of a Java project)
  • Microsoft VBA (honestly not good at all, but know enough to get around)
  • HTML and CSS (obv by the insane design of this website)

It's honestly super cool to be a programmer. Truly a skill everyone should know. My mother asked me about a idea she wanted to do for her business and I was immediately able to throw down a working concept. I literally host websites for $20 a year, not a month, A YEAR. Knowing programming helps you think better and also helps you save money. I worked in the IT industry we literally make insane profit off of people not being able to Google their problems and just want someone to solve it.

Its kinda fucked whats going on with the tech industry, over 100,000 layoffs in 2023. I know people shit on Apple all the time for their walled garden but they did the right move by keeping their employees and cutting the CEO's pay. Some people attribute it to the "work at home boom," but It's literally just about wanting to lock-off potential employees from the workforce. Kinda scary going into senior year but whatever man. Really puts things into perspective and I hope that jobs won't be cursed in the future

Welp that's all I have on my mind. -Hc 3/27