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Blog 2, Summer time 5/4/23

funny cat

School is over for the summer. Summer is finally here and I'm stoked. Lots of days at the pool, lots of beer, can't wait.

Currently trying to get a job as well. Not sure what I'm going for but looking for an internship or something in the tech sector. Can't really see myself flipping burgers or waiting tables and I'm not sure I really want to go work at an auto shop, so tech sector is really the only option out there. Gotta update my LinkedIn and (re)make my resume. School might be over but work never stops. Still gotta fix the car so that's another huge expense and use of time as well.

This summer I'm trying to replace the transmission, upgrade the clutch, wrap the car, and go full port injection. Doubt I'll be able to upgrade the turbo too but that would be nice.

That's all I got. -Hc 5/4/23