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Blog 3, Holy shit class is hard 6/13/23

don't do this

Summer classes are in full swing and jeez are they ever hard. Prin. of Programming languages started out pretty easy with just making a lexer, but project 2 kicks it up and we have to make a top-down recursive parser (thank god it's not predictive). Luckily the implementation is more or less how I pictured it in my head so it should be relatively simple. The instructor also provided us with a lot more test cases, so that should make debugging a lot better.

Theoretical CompSci is still pretty hard for me, but I knew that going in. Luckily the prof is pretty easy with the grading and all the exams are curved so I should make it through. The homework assignments are really confusing and the tutors at ASU are utterly useless. Luckily the TAs are a lot more helpful but their hours aren't always convenient.

Life is going pretty good outside of that, things are going great with friends, still need to work on the car. Big cali trip is coming up soon and I got to make sure that I get everything prepared for that in time (oil change + 500mi break in). Also stopped vaping and so far that's going pretty good too. If only I could cut down my beer consumption... maybe once the fall semester starts then we'll think about it

Other than that I've been getting pretty close with one of my friends, hopefully I can lock things down, but I know from experience that once you start moving forward it's impossible to go back, and I really don't want a repeat of two people who are great friends, but terrible romantically. Honestly not sure I can go back at this point; think I'll let things simmer a bit more before I fully decide on where to go.

Time to get started. -Hc 6/13/23